Horseback Adventures


The beauty of the upper Rio Grande Valley is absolutely amazing. The scenery driving up the road is amazing but there are thousands of acres of unparalleled beauty that are available for those willing to get off the roads and into the actual wilderness. Frazier Outfitting offers those adventurers horseback trips that are a unique and wonderful way to access these out of the way treasures without having to endure long strenuous hikes. Our riding options cater to everyone from beginners to lifelong Cowboys. We can structure a ride for duration, difficulty and terrain to match a group’s needs and desires. These can be as short as a half day ride or even a full day ride or if you  like or we can even do overnight camping trips to base camp or multiple destinations for however long you may want to be out. Horseback is a great way to see the country and a great way for a family to find the adventure and experience of a lifetime. Live the adventure at the top of the mountain not viewing it from the road.