Camping Services

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of a beautiful starlit night in a wild and secluded back country setting with your family or close friends gathered around a campfire with coyote calls echoing on the breeze and everyone’s mind filled with the wonders of the day’s adventures? Frazier Outfitting can provide just that experience for your family or friends. These services include horse transportation for your party as well as all of the camping and cooking gear needed for an overnight or multiple night stay in the wilderness of the upper Rio Grande Valley. We can provide tents, sleeping cots and air mattresses as well as all of the camping and cooking supplies; all you and your group will need is clothes, sleeping bags and personal items. In addition we can provide the food and even the cook/wrangler to make this a totally effortless experience.

We can provide also provide drop camp services using our equipment or using your own camping gear. You can also choose to hike into and out of your destination while we bring the gear on horseback. Whatever your needs we can design a trip that will get you deep into the back country with an experienced guide team and a minimum of effort on your part. What better way to experience all Colorado has to offer?